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Joint Statement from Fans' Gro


As representatives of Blackpool fans everywhere, BSA, BST, MSG and the TKs are united in our determination to see Blackpool FC rise from the ashes and become an exciting, successful and well-supported community club once again.

Blackpool fans have proved that they are loyal, determined and passionate supporters. We have come through some very dark years together, but a long-awaited change is underway and now is the time for us all to join together in rebuilding. We have finally got our club back and we need to contribute to its wellbeing in whatever ways we can.

Through the next few weeks, while we wait to find out who the new owners will be, the interim Board needs the practical and financial backing of the fans. The Board have listened to us and have done all they can to move us towards being a professional and well run football club. Now it is our turn - and season ticket sales are key.

We believe that reaching a target of 10,000 season ticket sales is achievable and collectively we will be backing a media campaign to encourage Blackpool fans to support the club in this way if at all possible. There is much investment required to ensure that important projects such as the repair of the pitch and the East Stand are completed during the closed season.

The challenge for us and our fan base it to become that well-supported club again and to provide in the process the revenue that is needed to help take the club forward – 10,000 season tickets. Together we can do this.

#WeAreBlackpoolFC #BlackpoolAreBack

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