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Fans Supporting Foodbanks


Blackpool fans are by no means alone in supporting a local Foodbank initiative...

Fans Supporting Foodbanks was set up by a Red and a Blue travelling home to Merseyside after attending a meeting in London with The Premier League regarding ticket prices. The "Twenties Plenty" campaign was a successful one with supporters showing collectively solidarity, ultimately convincing the Clubs and the Premier League to cap away ticket prices at £30.

Fan activism demonstrated that when supporters put aside tribal differences and work collectively that they become a formidable force. We decided to that here on Merseyside we had the opportunity to do something that would portray real fans as a force for good.

The Walton constituency is the only constituency to be the home of two Premier League Clubs, the wards within that constituency have some of the most socially and economically deprived residents. The communities surrounding both clubs put up with the inconvenience of tens of thousands of fans invading there community, every other week. Lets be honest how many of us would welcome a football club on our doorstep ?

In November 2015 Everton Supporters Trust and Spirit of Shankly came together to launch "Fans Supporting Foodbanks" we hit the ground running. Set up Twitter and Facebook pages and a couple of Tweets later we are stood outside The Winslow, collecting food in a wheelie bin.

We have come a long way over the past three years. Proud to work in partnership with both Clubs, businesses and in the public and private sector. Unfortunately on December the third Universal Credit will be rolled out across the rest of the City. We already have a humanitarian crisis on our streets, this crisis will become an epidemic in the weeks ahead.

As ever, in times of adversity, Scousers stand together. Without their support we have nothing. The City Council Mayor, Joe Anderson has opened up over 60 sites for the public to drop off donations on the run up to Christmas.


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