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Tuesday 6th November - calling


Tuesday 6th November marks the first anniversary of the judgment made by Justice Marcus Smith in the VB v Oyston legal action. BST believe it is important to mark this "shabby anniversary" to highlight the continuing plight of our football club and the failure of the football authorities to acknowledge or act upon this seismic ruling. Blackpool fans, the club and the community have been let down on all sides and we are determined to continue to highlight this fact until our situation is resolved.

We have arranged for a professional photographer, Stephen Cheatley, to take a photograph of Blackpool fans holding a vigil outside the main entrance of Blackpool FC on Tuesday evening. Stephen has kindly offered his services to capture an image which will highlight our plight and which will then be shared with all media, the football authorities, national fans' groups etc.

Ideally we need 163 supporters to join us at 6.30pm outside the West Stand main entrance to hold up one page each of the judgment.
This should not take up too much of anyone's time but we really need you to turn up in numbers to make this a success. Oyston out Scarves, Blackpool FC scarves and shirts, lots of tangerine need to be on display - let's make this a powerful image!

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