About the Trust - Freqently Asked Questions

How do I join The Trust?

Simply click here and you can join online.
If you prefer to complete a paper-based application, a downloadable form will be available in the next couple of days.

What does BST do with my information?

Blackpool Supporters' Trust respects you and your privacy. We only use the information you provide to us for Trust matters.

What is a Supporters' Trust?

Supporters Trust's are becoming more common as fans' seek to protect the heritage of their local club against poor stewardship or owners that dont put football first.
They exist to to promote and support the concept of open and democratic supporter representation and ownership through mutual non-profit making structures, to promote football clubs as community institutions and work towards preserving the competitive values of league football in the UK, as well as promoting the health of the game of football itself.
That, in a nutshell is BST

Why should you join Blackpool Supporters’ Trust?

The future is one that we ought all to be able to trust in – the future should be tangerine! The more supporters who join, the more persuasive and representative we can be. We hope that BST can grow to represent the family of Blackpool fans, united in wanting the best for club, supporters and the community.
For as little as £5 a year, join Blackpool Supporters’ Trust and make your voice and vote count in helping to shape that future.

What are the key aims of the Trust?

Our core aim include:
- representing the best interests of our members and our football club locally, nationally and abroad
- promoting, maintaining and valuing the history and independence of Blackpool Football Club
- holding whoever owns the club to account, in the interests of supporters and the community
- achieving supporter representation at boardroom level

What are the key features the Trust

Blackpool Supporters’ Trust is:
- ra legally constituted, co-operative/community benefit society
- ropen to all at an affordable membership fee
- ra non-profit-making, run and financed by the members for the members
- rdemocratic and inclusive [one member, one vote, one say in how the Trust is run]
- rindependent in thought and decision-making

Isn't BST just a lobbying platform?

We in Blackpool Supporters’ Trust believe that the football club belongs first and foremost to the community of its supporters. Chairmen and directors come and go, with varying levels of control, financial interest and responsibility, but the supporters are the ongoing heart and soul of the club. Without them, there would be no Blackpool Football Club. So BST has been formed under the auspices of Supporters Direct [promoting supporter involvement and community ownership of clubs], not as a protest group but as a positive force for change in the way that Blackpool Football Club is operated. Our first small step is to make BST a viable organisation dedicated to the vision of giving the football club back to the community.

Why was Blackpool Supporters’ Trust formed?

We didn’t get to be called ‘the Mighty Pool’ for nothing. At its best, Blackpool Football Club - like the town itself - is a breath of fresh air, entertaining and irrepressible, playing imaginative, attacking football to delight followers of the beautiful game at home and around the country. We are famous for it, from the great teams in tangerine of the fifties and sixties to the resurgent Seasiders who stormed the Premier League against all the odds in 2010/11. We have a fantastic history of which we’re very proud…but what of the future? In this increasingly money-oriented game it is all too easy to lose direction, to lose sight of the very values which made the Pool mighty.