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Belokon vs Oystons - Summary 2


Since our last report we've had Week Three - a week of cross-examination of the Oystons by Valeri Belokon's QC, Andrew Green. It's fair to say it's continued to be fascinating viewing for the large number of BFC fans attending each day.

As stated in the first report, it's important to bear in mind that the evidence we hear is incomplete as we don't see the witness statements or any of the documents referred to and so we must fill the gaps as best we can.

Week Three started with the second day of Karl's cross-examination and after a rest day, Wednesday saw Owen take the stand for two and half days to complete the factual witness evidence.

Amongst other things, we heard about:

1) The rapid deterioration in the relationship between the Oystons and Belokon which seems to have started almost immediately following the Play Off win in 2010. In his cross-examination of both Karl and Owen, Andrew Green suggested that the Oyston family were intent on distancing themselves from ‘the gentleman's agreement’ to provide parity to Valeri and instead maximising what they could remove from BFC from the Premiership windfall.

2) The transfer of huge sums of money out of BFC including the rationale behind the unprecedented £11m payment to Zabaxe (Owen's service company) despite Latvian objections.

3) Unpaid interest on a loan Segesta received from BFC to help it buy the Travelodge which bizarrely Karl then arranged to pay over the lunchtime adjournment on Monday.

4) The continued attempts by the Oyston family and their legal advisors to introduce the money laundering allegations at every opportunity, seemingly as part of an ongoing attempt to discredit Valeri.

5) Hotly disputed death thread allegations supposedly made by Valeri towards Owen over dinner at Claridges where surprisingly the one witness to the alleged threats wasn't called to provide corroboration for the claims raised.

On Wednesday we were also treated to the surreal sight of Owen posing with a BST member holding an Oyston Out scarf outside court which then made the front page of Thursday's Gazette!

As we move into Week Four we will hear from both parties’ experts witnesses as to their views on the value of BFC, after which the trial will conclude with closing submissions from the lawyers. BST understands the Trial judge will almost certainly reserve his decision to a later date.

How long we will need to wait to learn the outcome and how this in turn impacts on the future ownership of BFC remains to be seen.

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